Our Vision

To become the most influential brand in the world for teaching conscious spirituality by promoting self-knowledge, black empowerment, and truth! Negus Royalty is the brand for every Spiritual being who wants to grow and know! To be Consciously Spiritual is to be Normal!


Goal & Mission

Our Goal and mission is to bring our original culture back to normalization. Historically, our ancestors we beaten and killed for having mystical entities or “majekal powers” as the colonizers would say. After enslaving our families and ancestors, we were conditioned to believe in and normalize their (colonists) culture, religion, and beliefs. We normalized religion, self hate, fear of truth, straight hair, low vibrational frequencies, death habits (rituals), and becoming egotistic. We’ve normalized throwing away our natural resources, like our inner self wisdom, stones, intuition, herbs, connection to the source and creator, elements, and spiritual energies and our very essence. Our mission is to bring our spiritual connection back to normality! Truth, enlightenment, empowerment, healing, and conscious spirituality is our normal! Embrace it! Embrace us!

The Experts

We respect people as much as we respect the planet. 

The Negus Royalty Company team is just as ROYAL as the name and company itself. We are proud of our knowledge about design and expertise for innovating clothing and accessories. Join us, and together we all will create the most ROYAL Brand that represents The REAL US all from around the world. Let us all build together!